How is a rafting trip?

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After the meeting at the place and the time according to the agreement, we hand out the equipments: neoprene suits, neoprene boots, helmets, life jackets, paddle.

Every participant has to sign a declaration and take part on the briefing held by our guides about safety and paddling. When everybody understood the rules of paddling and safety we can start.

At the beginning we will take it slow to get acquainted with paddling movements.

After that we go for it. During the trip we stop very often to relax, to swim, to dabble, to jump in the water or even for body rafting.

We choose the trips speed based on the group needs, we stop as much as it necessary to relax or to make pictures.

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Olivia Petra Coman
2014-04-06, 21:48
Asa cum am scris si pe blogul meu [], am apreciat foarte mult profesionalismul vostru....


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