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What do I wear?

When joining one of our paddling you'll want to come prepared. You will need only a bathing suit and maybe a t-shirt. Hats and sunscreen are good on hot days and water for drinking.

Will I get wet?

Yes, this is a water sport, after all! The most common scenarios are that your feet get wet on launching or landing and waves will hit you in the face during rafting. But don’t worry, we will give you a special neoprene suit, which will keep you warm while you are wet.

Do I need experience?


No experience is necessary to go out on our trips. Our trips are organized in such way that people without any experience could come also.

Do I need to be fit?

Paddling is a sport, and it does involve exercise. Nothing will make the boat move except for you. This is important to understand... but it's also necessary to know that it's relatively easy. It is rare that the water flouts too hard to take a trip out, but if we don't think you can handle it... we won't go. These trips are not a race or a fitness competition. But we do keep our groups close together on water, and try to assign paddling partners so that all boats will move at a similar pace.

Will I flip or fall into the water? Do I need to be swimmer?

It is very rare that a boat will capsize - and usually when it does, it's because people are joking around and acting inappropriately. Is it possible? Yes. Is it usually preventable? Yes. Does it happen often? No. The boats we use are very stable, and you will receive basic rafting instruction before getting on the water. You need to be a swimmer. Everyone wears life jackets, but it is not enough when you are in whitewater trip. If your boat flips, your lifejacket will keep you afloat, and your guide is fully trained to get you back into your boat quickly. In case he cannot pull you back in the boat you will have to swim out following his guidance.

Is gratuity included in the price?

No, gratuity is not included in the trip cost. It is an industry standard that if you feel that your guide did a good job providing an enjoyable and informative trip - you should "tip" them. Our guides spend a lot of time training so that they can provide you with the best experience possible.

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