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Clothing and footwear

geacajohnThe special clothing for aquatic sport is the neopren suits. You should start with a swimsuit, then you can have the neoprene suit. Wearing this kind of suit has two major purposes: first of all it will protects you from could water and hypothermia, second from the injuries, scrapes, bruises. It is a mistake if we believe that neoprene suit will keep us dry. This kind of suit is made from an elastic material of 3-4 mm thickness which was little microscopic particles inside of the material. These particles keep the water inside of the material and our body temperature will war it up. So this captured water will keep us warm.

gheteThe footwear is an other important rafting gear. Usually people use paddling booties. Paddling booties are neoprene shoes with rubber bottoms that are used while paddling. In addition to keeping your feet warm, paddling booties also provide protection for your feet should you have to walk along the shore.




Helmets are built and designed for the main purpose of protecting your head. With whitewater kayaking the risk of hitting rocks is of course much greater and therefore is an absolute must and head protection must be worn at all times, so you can reduce the risk of being knocked unconscious in the event of an accident. A rafting helmet should fit both securely and comfortably on the kayakers head.

There are two basic criteria to a whitewater helmet: to protect the scruff and the temple. The well chosen helmet has to be the proper size, it should not be so tight that it hurts or gives the wearer a headache. On the other hand, the kayak helmet should not be so loose that it can be pushed or pulled off of the paddlers head. Basically, the inner liner should be slightly depressed and there should be no gap between the lining and the paddlers head while it is being worn. And it has to be the proper color to fit to your personality.



Perhaps the right life jacket is the most important gear of a rafting trip. As it name says to the life jacket is protecting the persons life. This is another area that you don't want to skimp out on. If your boat turns over the only thing between you and drowning is your life vest. The jacket it has to bee the right size, according to your weight, heightened colour- to be easily noticeable on photos - , not to obstruct the movement. The lifejacket not only keeps you afloat, it protects you from injuries to. Very important safety measure is that the jackets do not have any loops on it or long belts on which you could foul.


barca raftingtrekkBoat

Rafts come in a few different forms. We usually use two types of rafting boat: the most common symmetrical raft in which can fit 6-12 people and so-called trekking boats (inline rafts) in which can sit 2-3 persons. In the first type of boat takes seat one guide, in the case of the de second type is counted one experimented guide to every fifth boat, but not lesser than 2 guides in a tour. Usually one guide is with whitewater kayak.


vaslaThe main function of a paddle is to make the boat to move. Beside this the paddle plays an important part in safety measures. It can keep you away from stones and obstacles. These are the reason why the white water paddle is made of harder materials than the paddle used in slow water trips.


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