Whitewater kayak trips in Romania

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Our team has probably the best knowledge on Romanian rivers. We paddled on more than 20 whitewaters in our country and the list is growing from year to year. Every spring we organize expeditions to map romanian rivers and to make first descents.


If you want to discover Romanian whitewaters, we are at your disposal with equipment, experience and enthusiasm!

We can guide you on rivers depending on your needs and kayaking skills. Whitewater kayak trips can last for just a few hours or we can organize multiday expeditions.

Here are some of our offers:

  1. Rivers for beginners: trips organized for beginners on class I-II rivers, like Mures, Aries, Crisul Repede, Bistrita, Bistrita Aurie, Viseu, Nera, Olt ect

  2. Fun for intermediate kayakers. For those who paddle safely rivers of class II-III. Trips on Jiu, Buzau, Basca, Lapus, Vaser, Putna, Rebra, Rastolita

  3. Best for the Best. Serious rivers and creeks for advanced paddlers. class III-IV rivers like Cerna, Minis, Rebra, Basca Mare, ect

  4. Mixed trips on rivers with growing difficulty from WWI-III or WW II-IV.

Prices are vary between 30-50 euro/day or river/pers. in function of number of participants and difficulty of river.

Price inlcude: equipment (kayak, paddle, neoprenes, helmet, pfd, shoes, ect) and guiding.

If needed we can organize transport, meals and lodging so everything you need on a several day long kayaking adventure.

We can organize kayak courses with the help of one of the best instructors from Hungary and Romania.

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2012-05-18, 15:56
A fost o experienta frumoasa..:d mersi.. sper sa ne revedem curand..


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